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  • Click HERE to get an overview of all the Coopenergy tools developed, at your disposal to inspire your work to take on a more multi-level governance approach. Happy browsing!

  • On 3rd December 2015 in Paris, the COOPENERGY partnership presented the results, lessons, and shining examples from the seven partner regions, to an audience of nearly 70 people. Access the event page for audio sequences, PDF presentations and pictures.

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  • Partnership work in practice: COOPENERGY partners met in Zlin, Czech Republic, to evaluate the delivery of their energy initiatives in partnership, and share learning.


    Aims to help regional and local authorities plan sustainable energy activities in partnership.

    Find out more about the project here.



IRE spa – Energy Division (formerly ARE Liguria)


IRE spa is the Regional agency of Liguria in the field of infrastructures, building refurbishment and energy. IRE was born in 2014 from the merger of 3 regional bodies including the energy agency - former ARE Liguria – which is the energy operator for the Regione Liguria as laid down by the Regional Law 22/2007. We have a team of experienced professionals and consultants who boast technical, commercial, managerial, communication and training skills. IRE spa – Energy Division is founding member of RENAEL (National Network of Energy Agencies) and is member of FEDARENE.

Watch our video to find out how we've been delivering energy initiatives in partnership, through the Coopenergy project:

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Why we are involved with COOPENERGY

We are interested in developing models of cooperation between regional and local public authorities in sustainable energy planning. We view these as important in supporting the successful implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans.

Our role in COOPENERGY is to ensure the evaluation of the agreed joint actions identified by partners at a regional level, and to provide a dedicated template that will enable each partner to report and share their achievements.

We plan to work with our stakeholders to update Liguria’s Regional Energy Plan with a bottom-up approach.

What we want to achieve from COOPENERGY

We want to work together with local and regional authorities in order to create models of cooperation for delivering local and regional energy plans. Using the experience of COOPENERGY and learning from fellow partners, we want to support Liguria in preparing an online tool to collect data from authorities in order to implement the Regional Energy Balance and prepare the BEI for the SEAPs of Municipalities. 

Project progress: improving our multi-level governance

As a first step towards improving the multi- level governance in the energy planning issues in our region, ARE Liguria has supported the implementation of a Memorandum of Cooperation (Moc) , originally designed within Climact Regions Project, between the Liguria Region and the Local authorities involved in the Covenant of Mayors initiative in order to make official their participation and commitment to work in an effective long term collaboration.

 This Memorandum foresees the creation of a regional Steering Committee (SC) composed of representatives of Liguria Region, the Provinces, the provincial capitals and of the small size municipalities (involved in the Covenant of Mayors).

Until now the MoC was signed by the Region, two Provinces and some big and small municipalities; further adhesions are expected since MoC is open to be joined.

The SC will meet to discuss the regional energy policies linked to the regional SEAP review and the coordination of energy planning initiatives, like the Covenant of Mayors, at regional and local level.

Along these lines the setup of the regional Steering Committee is ongoing and its first official meeting is planned by March.

The Steering Committee established within the Memorandum of Cooperation, will also represent the instrument to design and set up the Local Working Groups for the implementation of some Joint Actions: in fact, the participants to the SC, together to other stakeholders and technical and financial experts, will compose the LWG in order to implement the Joint Actions.

The Joint Actions proposed in Liguria take into account the results of some preliminary workshops with regional and local authorities organized within the Climact Regions in order to identify their main topics of interest : the municipalities, in fact, identified among the priorities in the collaboration between regional and local level, the energy data sharing and the energy efficiency in public lighting and civil sector.

Our next steps through the COOPENERGY project will be the review of the Regional SEAP and the starting of the implementation of the Joint Actions (JA)  proposed:  JA1 “Collaboration in BEI data supply and performance monitoring for municipalities and JA2 “Joint procurement process and collaboration in public lighting and other frequent energy issues for municipalities”; the Local working groups are now being setup (first meeting planned by March).

For further information on our sustainable energy activities in Liguria, please contact