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  • Click HERE to get an overview of all the Coopenergy tools developed, at your disposal to inspire your work to take on a more multi-level governance approach. Happy browsing!

  • On 3rd December 2015 in Paris, the COOPENERGY partnership presented the results, lessons, and shining examples from the seven partner regions, to an audience of nearly 70 people. Access the event page for audio sequences, PDF presentations and pictures.

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    What is crowdfunding? Visit our videos page to find out and watch more videos on financing energy initiatives!



  • Partnership work in practice: COOPENERGY partners met in Zlin, Czech Republic, to evaluate the delivery of their energy initiatives in partnership, and share learning.


    Aims to help regional and local authorities plan sustainable energy activities in partnership.

    Find out more about the project here.




Kent cc

Kent County Council

As a public authority for the county of Kent in England, we became a partner in the Coopenergy project in order to improve the way we work with 

Watch our video to find out how we've reviewed the Kent Environment Strategy (KES) and strengthened our partnership agreements for delivering it:our local partners to deliver environmental and energy outcomes. Since the project began in 2013, we have reviewed different collaborative approaches (MLG approaches) to delivering sustainable energy initiatives, and have now implemented our own multi-level governance (MLG) structure for delivering energy outcomes across the Kent and Medway region. The outcome of this work is the revised 'Kent Environment Strategy:  a strategy for environment, health and economy (2016)'

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About the Strategy

This iteration of the strategy has sought to strengthen links across sectors and partner strategies, with a particular focus on the integration of environmental, health and economic outcomes. 

The strategy looks to maximise opporunities in a time of decreasing resources, minimise duplication and identify where partners can benefit from improved joined-up approaches to deliver positive outcomes for the county. The priorities are categoried under three themes in the strategy:

The three themes of the KES

A new multi-level governance approach 

Alongside an existing Memorandum of Cooperation (called Climate Local Kent) (log in to collaboration platform required), committing to delivery of a number of key targets within our plan, we have also reviewed and strengthened the terms of reference for groups across three levels of governance for the plan: one officer group, one senior officer and one political group to ensure we improve how the plan is reviewed and delivered at multiple levels (multi-level governance).

As a strategy for environment, economy and health, the priorities within the KES cut across Directorates within Kent County Council and partner organisations, with all having a role in developing and delivering activities both internally and across the county. The partnership governance startegy is:

Multi-level governance structure for the KES

Our next steps for this work will be to develop an implementation plan for the strategy. Leads for actions within the plan will be identified across partners so that our energy and environmental outcomes are truly delivered in partnership.

For further information on our sustainable energy activities in Kent, please contact